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Giro 2020: Pieter Weening staat Nibali bij in jacht op het roze https://t.co/wFLzMyX6vC 🇮🇹 #Giro @giroditalia https://t.co/JXlf8g0fdq


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Giro de Italia: Sergio Samitier: "llego muy bien tras la caída que me hizo parar" - https://t.co/xaJRvSkv0j #ciclismo #Giro

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Sébastien Havot change de N1 https://t.co/Ny424uJiK3 #directvelo

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Lotto-Soudal sent resignation letters to 10 of their riders. Wallays Van der Sande Armée Maes Hansen Van Goe… https://t.co/0RQyyof98P

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@TourDeJose thanks, a difficult time for riders looking for a new contract

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@inrng Nieuwsblad article mentions much more. Lelangue wants more young riders from own feeder team. Mertz, as ride… https://t.co/e5gR8oSCg1

the Inner Ring
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@TourDeJose it's the time of year for the deadline when all teams are supposed to inform riders in writing whether… https://t.co/IxrfJ5csCD

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The original article on Nieuwsblad adds that the resignation letter they all got at Lotto-Soudal doesn’t mean they… https://t.co/v2pWxR73d8

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Coming home to these two ♥️♥️. And a huge pile of new Kalas clothing ♥️ https://t.co/oNHirBCgAA

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