The Social Peloton is a website gathering tweets from the pro cycling peloton. The website is following a multitude of Twitter accounts ranging from riders & staff to journalists, livetickers and news websites. The idea is to provide the visitor with a quick overview of what's going on inside the peloton at this moment. Has Laurens ten Dam achieved another KOM during racing, what is currently happening in the Queen's stage of the Tour de France and what are riders doing when not being on the bike? In the end, our ultimate goal is to innovate the online cycling experience of visitors all around the world by providing a visual representation of what's happening right now!


The Social Peloton was born from liveticker.nl, a website which went online in 2009. During cycling races in 2009 and 2010 liveticker.nl provided updates on races and was quite popular during the 2010 Tour de France in the Netherlands. However, because the website was quite labor-intensive (you have to watch all races and provide updates) it was decided to put everything on hold. In the fall of 2012 the idea emerged to gather all social media expressions from inside the peloton on one website and a name was quickly found: The Social Peloton. Since June 2013, just a week prior to that year's Tour de France, the website was officially launched.

Beta and suggestions

Since the end of June 2013 the website is in it's beta fase. Although the website has been tested thorougly over the development months we cannot guarantee the website is free of bugs. During our beta test we are tyring to squeeze all those nasty bugs crawling to the surface!

In addition, we are looking for suggestions for improvement. Which functions can be added or improved? We already have the following functions in mind (in random order):

  • Adding more Twitter accounts, especially womens pro teams and continental teams.
  • Adding the possibility to store your own favorite filters into a quick filters section.
  • Statistics on The Social Peloton. Who are the peloton's Twitter king and queen, which accounts are most anticipated during a certain time period? etc.
  • Adding meta data to tweets, from which country does a rider origin and for which team is he/she riding?
  • A blog with background information. The idea is to open the blog to everybody with a good story. Contact us if you like writing for the website.

Have you found any bugs in our website, do you have suggestions or are willing to contribute? Do not hesitate to contact us by mail or Twitter.

The website

Development of the website took some 8 months of non-continious programming. Due to the enormous amount of tweets written by the peloton it was especially hard to manage all the traffic and keep the website running smoothly. However, the website could not have been launched without the help of some frameworks and other resources. A non-exhaustive list is provided below: