Website issues

The website is not working properly?
There are more than a thousand reasons why a website is not functioning properly and every reason has its own solution. Before contacting us try one of the following to fix the issue:

  • Perform a hard refresh of the website (Cntrl + F5 or Apple icon + F5)
  • Remove all your temporary internet files
  • Update your browser to the newest version. The Social Peloton does not support Internet Explorer 8 and earlier.
  • Contact us when the issue is not solved. We will order a mechanic to look into the problem! Let's hope he has a spare wheel available.

Which browsers does the website support?
The Social Peloton supports all modern browsers (Internet Explorer 9 and higher, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and native Android browsers). When the website is not shown properly try to upgrade to the newest version of your browser.

I found a nasty bug influencing my website experience?
The Social Peloton is still in its beta fase and we are busy squeezing all that nasty bugs. Please contact us if you found one. Include the following information in your mail:

  • Web browser and version used (e.g. IE9)
  • The page where the bug was experienced
  • Any actions performed prior to the issue

Website functions

Which functions are included?
A non-exhaustive list of functions can be found below:

  • Gathering of all tweets by the professional cycling peloton.
  • Seperate display of media attached to tweets.
  • Auto collection of tweets (every minute). You do not have to refresh your page.
  • A multitude of filters so you can look up your favorite rider or team.
  • Tweets categorised by teams, races and countries. There is also a category for other tweets.

I have a suggestion for a new function or Twitter account to follow?
The Social Peloton always welcomes new suggestions and twitter accounts to follow. Please contact us by mail or twitter.

The Social Peloton

Where can I find more information about The Social Peloton?
Please have a look at our about section. This section gives a short overview of the goal of The Social Peloton and its history.

I would like to contribute to The Social Peloton?
The Social Peloton is always looking for people who can contribute to the website, for example by writing interesting articles or adding twitter accounts to races. Please contact us if you'd like to contribute. Include some information about yourself and your possible contribution to the website.

I am interested in the system behind The Social Peloton for my own website?
The Social Peloton was build from scratch and is not a script for download on the internet. If you are interested in using it, please contact us for possiblities.

I would like to advertise, are there possibilities?
Please contact us if you are interested to advertise on The Social Peloton. Please include your wishes in your mail.